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UNE 66182 on Local government
Local Government

UNE 66182 on Local government

UNE 66182 on Local government

Strengthening public confidence through quality municipal management

One of the greatest challenges faced by local administrations is to develop, maintain, and even boost public confidence in municipal management.

The Standard UNE 66182is a guide for the comprehensive assessment of Municipal Governments providing local administrations with an assessment tool that includes all municipal actions to offer citizens comprehensive and quality management.

This Standard allows local governments to define and control their activities in a systematic and transparent way, taking into account the quality and efficiency of public services, and guaranteeing the necessary conditions to provide services required by citizens and build confidence in the local population.

Benefits for the organisation:

  • It is a comprehensive assessment that includes all the activities carried out by the local government.
  • It is the first and only standardised management tool created specifically for performing a comprehensive assessment of the good practices of the local governments.
  • Encourages the City Councils are get involved in quality issues.
  • A simple tool that requires no previous experience in quality issues.
  • It is compatible and can be audited with other management systems.

Benefits regarding the citizens:

  • Makes it possible to maintain and even improve the trust that citizens place in their City Council's management.
  • Demonstrates commitment to citizens through monitoring and improvement of the topics that interest them most.

This certification is a useful tool aimed at any City Council that, regardless of its size or location, wants to carry out a comprehensive assessment of its activities with regard to issues such as good governance and economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Thanks to its organisation and structure, the Local Government certification is compatible with and can be integrated into other management systems, (such asUNE-EN-ISO 9001UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and ISO 45001), with the EFQM Excellence Model and with the rest of the services certified by AENOR.


Once the audit process has been successfully completed, the organisation will obtain:

  • The AENOR Local Government Certificate.
  • A licence to use the AENOR Mark of Certified Service for Local Governments.
AENOR N mark of Municipal Governance Certified Service

AENOR N Mark of Certified Service
Local Government​


AENOR has carried out many pilot schemes in order to adapt the Standard to the reality of all Spanish municipalities, regardless of their size or location.