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Circular economy

Acciona obtains certification for its Circular Economy strategy


AENOR AENOR has awarded Acciona its certification in "Circular Economy Strategy", making it the first infrastructure and renewable energy business to be awarded this certification.

This certification endorses the company's commitment to the circular economy, which is based on extending the product life cycle, reducing the consumption of resources and raw materials and minimizing waste generation.

The audit conducted by AENOR has certified that ACCIONA applies criteria that promote the circular economy to its entire organization, as well as its value and supply chain, which translates into specific initiatives aimed at adding value to by-products in all its business areas.

In the certification process for obtaining the "Circular Economy Strategy" certificate awarded by AENOR, Acciona has worked alongside the consulting firm Factor Ideas for Change. During the course of the audit, the contribution of Acciona's strategy to the international principles of the Circular Economy was verified. In this regard, it was confirmed that in particular they contribute to the principles of Regenerating, Sharing, Optimizing, Looping, Virtualizing, Exchanging and Innovating.

The mainstays of the AENOR certification model are business management under the premise of continuous improvement; the model's capacity to identify priorities, with internal information and stakeholders; the alignment of the actions to be carried out and their contribution to the principles of the Circular Economy; and, lastly, demonstrating, by means of the verification statement, that these measures and achievements meet these principles.

Please find more information in the press release attached.