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Impact shopping: women in the global value chain





Safety and quality in Food Services provided to groups. The added value of an AENOR certification



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ASINCA | Industrial Association of the Canary Islands



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Desayuno CompetitivoJune

​Certificación Residuo Cero: implantación, complejidad y beneficios





​ Circular Construction





​Ciberseguridad en la pyme" Organiza ABF Ciberseguridad y sistemas. With the participation of AENOR

  AENOR solutions

Zero Food Waste Juan José Moreno


McDonald's Equality Plan Diego Trombatore

Women in Universities Rosa Aguilar

   AENOR Project Trust solutions to access Next Generation EU funds

Discover all the solutions in the AENOR Project Trust to help companies access the European funds in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (RTRP).

    Ten keys to carrying out a successful remote audit

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AENOR helps to manage the audit process of organisations in order to carry them out remotely, guaranteeing confidence in the systems, as well as the quality and adequacy of the processes. This article offers ten keys for organisations to successfully carry out a remote audit.

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In the face of difficult situations, it is essential to find feasible solutions. Streamlining auditing procedures and being able to continue carrying out our work in a way that verifies the implementation of management systems in optimal conditions of reliability, not only promotes confidence in the systems, but also in the quality and adequacy of the procedures.

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Certification of gender and remuneration equality

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AENOR Certification
What does certification involve?

In any type of company, regardless of size, location or sector, certification is an essential tool for boosting your business, because it helps you to build trust in the market and be more competitive, improving your efficiency and profitability.

Certification. What is it?

Certificate finder

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AENOR, a synonym of trust for organisations.

Trust in the organisation itself and in the clients, shareholders, employees, public administrations and social environment of the company. Confidence in the quality and safety of your products and services. Confidence in the effectiveness of your management. Confidence in the environmental commitment and the safety of your workers. Trust in its commitment to innovation.

If you are interested in certifying your organisation, or you are not sure which service best meets your needs, call us...

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Social responsibility, successfully managing stakeholders

General instructions for use of the AENOR Mark and seals


 Learn all about Certool

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Certool is the set of software solutions designed and updated by AENOR for the effective management of systems.

It is powerful, easy-to-use, flexible and adaptable to any type of organisation, regardless of its size and sector of activity.

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Featured news AENOR magazine

What information should be included in the non-financial information statement?

This article is part of four, which will provide basic guidelines for companies preparing their first Non-financial Information Statements. The aim is to ensure they are equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to meet this challenge.

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Equality, a central element of management

AENOR has launched its 3rd Equality Plan, which includes, among other aspects, measures related to reconciliation and co-responsibility and the selection of professional profiles to ensure gender parity and equality.


AENOR N Mark: confidence in the products

More than 1,500 production centres located in more than 140 countries have the AENOR N Mark.

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