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Certification of Vessels: responsible tuna fishing UNE 195006

Certification of Vessels: responsible tuna fishing UNE 195006

Certification of Vessels: responsible tuna fishing UNE 195006

Responsible fishing: added value for the consumer

The sustainability of extractive tuna fishing is one of the challenges to be faced over the coming years. The way to implement optimum practices that really contribute to the industry's sustainability (its Social, Economic and Environmental aspects) is becoming one of the sector's key issues.

Certification of freezer tuna purse seiners based on the UNE 195006 Standard,addresses all critical aspects in the tuna fishing industry by fully auditing the vessels under the requirements stipulated in the UNE 195006 Standard..

AENOR's RTF Chain of Custody certification, shown by the AENOR Conform Stamp, lets consumers know which canned tuna products have been responsibly fished.

In the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food's 2020 Spanish Food Awards, which 'recognize the work undertaken by companies and professionals who have distinguished themselves through producing, offering and promoting quality Spanish food, as well as through their contribution to the development of the Spanish food sector in a sustainable and efficient manner', the prize in the category of fish production and aquaculture went to a company certified by AENOR for responsible tuna fishing. As the source itself quoted, 'the implementation of the seal has enabled the development of the certification for sustainable practices in the tuna production chain, the first of its kind worldwide.This seal is a necessary addition for ensuring product traceability. It takes into account the ILO guidelines (International Labour Organization) and is the first to consider the social aspects of international conventions.' See link

  • Food Sector: Product certification

Chain of custody audits may be fully integrated with BRC, IFS, ISO 22000 and FSSC.

  • AENOR Responsible Tuna Fishing Certificate for Freezer Purse Seiners
  • AENOR Responsible Tuna Fishing Chain of Custody Certificate for canning companies
  • User Licence for the AENOR Responsible Tuna Fishing Stamp

Responsible Tuna Fishing

  • Over 40 vessels have currently chosen this certification procedure and several canneries have chosen to certify the chain of custody for their canned tuna.