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UNE renews its brand to bring standardisation closer to society


The Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE), has presented its new value proposition "UNE. Shared Progress", which aims to combine collective efforts to help society overcome its major challenges through standards, in an environment that is in full economic, social and environmental transformation. This evolution of the UNE brand has materialised in a new identity inspired by the space of dialogue and collaboration that is made possible by standardisation and its role around the world.

As a UNE company, AENOR supports the Association, which is defined as "a global organisation that benefits the community, whose mission is to create standards that contribute to the construction of a safer, more sustainable and more competitive world". To do this, it provides neutral and inspiring spaces for collaboration in which to share knowledge in order to develop, through dialogue and consensus, standards that serve the interests of all society and that mobilise those who are resolutely committed to business excellence and social awareness. For this reason, a more current, relevant and global visual identity has been created that reflects this new purpose and values. Its new colours and typographies, as well as the visual universe designed, breathe diversity and adaptation to a changing, flexible and technological environment.

One of the distinguishing elements of the new logo is the graphic symbol of the dialogue that makes up the U. As the backbone of graphic expression, this "balloon" turns the UNE brand into a synonym for consensus and a binding and dynamic dialogue.

In the words of UNE CEO Javier García, "more than 80 years ago the first UNE standard was created, since then we have been working in close collaboration with government agencies, companies, academia, research centres and citizens to create shared knowledge that promotes sustainable social and economic progress. In this new stage, we seek to come closer to society, thinking about the long term, showcasing the benefits that standardisation brings not only to the Spanish business and industrial fabric and to our members, but also to citizens in their daily lives".

UNE. Shared Progress