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AMETIC Digital Talent Commission

AMETIC Digital Talent Commission


The Board of Directors that will form part of the AMETIC Digital Talent Commission, the supervising body of the Spanish technological and digital sector, was chosen recently, AENOR has been chosen to represent one of the four vice-presidencies, together with Samsung, ASTI and the EULEN Group. The presidency will be held by SERESCO.

Currently AMETIC has 60 companies associated with the Alliance for the Development of Talent. Its varied ecosystem means that it includes digital service providers, robotics companies, training establishments, business schools, human resource firms, professional engineers associations, etc.

AMETIC's strategic vision for talent development is based on the following: “To promote a national ecosystem for the development and recognition of talent capable of delivering the digital transformation in Spain, with the aim of promoting and providing education and training in the new digital responsibilities demanded by the organisations of the ICT sector and other sectors that are in the process of digitisation, and in Spanish society as a whole under the new digital transformation paradigm, involving all stakeholders in a model of open innovation and public-private cooperation platforms”.