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AENOR continues its activity


AENOR has adjusted its activity to the guidelines of the authorities, maintaining the usual high standard of all its services and departments, which are available through the usual channels.

As a result of prior intensive and rigorous work, all the activities that AENOR can carry out remotely are being performed efficiently through an effective and comprehensive deployment of telework, which, among other things, maintains 100% of all the digital services it provides.

The sale of standards and other information services are operating quite normally. In the field of training, although it is logical that face-to-face actions have been postponed, AENOR offers a wide range of online training courses. In fact, numerous companies and individuals are opting for this formula.

In the field of compliance assessment, the option of remote audits is offered, and which is being adopted by many organisations. It offers different advantages, such as not delaying the audit process and putting organisations in a better position to recover normal activity as soon as possible once the coronavirus crisis has been resolved.

Furthermore, to ensure that the service provided by the AENOR Laboratory is maintained, its opening hours have been adjusted. During the exceptional period, the laboratory will be open on Mondays to Thursdays from 8 to 5 pm and onFridays from 8 am to 4:30 pm. 

The usual telephone and email communication channels of the different services and departments are still active; given the high number of calls we are receiving, we recommend the second option. We remind you of the email addresses of the different services: