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Mutua Universal, the first Spanish company to obtain AENOR Service Excellence certification


  • Mutua Universal is the first company certified in Spain with the standard UNE-CEN/TS 16880:2015 Service Excellence, which accredits the provision of an optimal service to its members.
  • With this certification, Mutua Universal paces value on its vocation of excellence, present in its value proposition and is what drives its 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.

8 October 2019. Mutua Universal, a collaborative mutual society with the Social Security Institute, is the first company in Spain certified by AENOR In accordance with the standard UNE-CEN/TS 16880:2015 on Service Excellence. The certificate covers both the healthcare services and administrative services provided by Mutua Universal to the workers in its associated companies.

This certification aims to design and implement improvements in service, to create exceptional customer/user experiences and to exceed the expectations created. A journey map develops patients' contact points with healthcare and administrative services, and analyses their experience in the various services received.

During the audit, strong points emerged as opportunities for improvement, which were recorded in a final report in which Mutua Universal achieved a very favourable result, without any "Non-conformities." The Company is positioned at level 3 "Personalised service" (of the 4 possible levels established by the standard), in the pyramid of excellence in the service of this certification.

The most highly valued aspects according to the audit results have been initiatives directly focused on patients (dosimetry, the application of virtual reality, the patient app, the back school, the dry needling technique, the Online Clinic, etc.); The diagnostic report carried out by Quality, the digitalisation projects (robotization, digital innovation laboratory, digital signature, etc.), the plans of the 18-20 Strategic Plan, and the Risk Management Plan.

Similarly, projects with a direct involvement in the commitment of the company's people, such as the Universal Olympiad, ambassadors for change and the welfare at work project, were highlighted.