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Metro Bilbao awarded AENOR Energy Management Certificate ISO 50001

Metro Bilbao awarded AENOR Energy Management Certificate ISO 50001


  • Metro Bilbao is the first rail company to be awarded certification in Spain.
  • It represents a significant contribution to improving management and reducing energy consumption in businesses.

30 January 2019. This morning, Metro Bilbao was awarded ISO 50001 Certificate for AENOR introducing an Energy Management system committed to efficient usage, sustainability and continuous improvement, which translates into real, quantifiable savings of energy costs in organisations.

It makes Metro Bilbao the first rail company to be awarded this AENOR certification in Spain.

The awarding ceremony in the offices of Metro Bilbao was attended by: Javier Muñoz, AENOR's Compliance Operations Director and Luz Emparanza, Director of the certification body in the Basque Country; the certificate was accepted by Eneko Arruebarrena, Managing Director of Metro Bilbao. 

This certification helps to manage and reduce business's energy consumption, with the positive influence that has in reducing the associated financial costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

AENOR's Energy Management System certification is a useful, effective tool in improving energy performance; to continually comply with prevailing legislation; to facilitate the undertaking of Energy Managers, and to implement and monitor actions resulting from energy audits. Similarly, it can help to reduce primary energy consumption, external dependence and energy intensity, fostering the use of renewable energy; in this way, it contributes to improving the competitiveness of organisations.

The Manager Director of Metro Bilbao, Eneko Arruebarrena, emphasised “as a business that is such large energy consumer, with around 74,000,000 kWh/year and 7.5 million euros, it is our responsibility to be efficient users. This certification is a guarantee of our hard work throughout the years, and encourages us to continue to implement energy saving measures (on trains, in stations and in maintenance workshops), to rationalise use and maximise efficiency." He further remarked, "our activities in the general lighting of workshops and technical areas, the change in lighting technology in stations, escalators and lifts, the placement of economisers in staircases and energy recuperators in electrical sub-stations, and the optimising of driving gears have all allowed substantial savings on electricity bills, due to the quick returns we have seen on investments made to guarantee rational, efficient and sustainable consumption".

Furthermore, the AENOR Compliance Operations Director Javier Muñoz praised the work of Metro Bilbao: “This certificate shows Metro Bilbao's commitment to energy efficiency and continuous improvement. Metro Bilbao is a pioneering organisation, by becoming the first rail company to achieve the AENOR certification under ISO standard 50001”.