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LafargeHolcim, a pioneer in Spain in holding AENOR certification for the production control of a concrete plant


5 March 2020 - LafargeHolcim has been awarded a certificate in production control by AENOR, in accordance with Royal Decree (RD) 163/2019, which makes it the first company in the construction materials sector in Spain to certify the production control of a concrete factory through AENOR. The certification is driven by the Ministry for Industry and the National Association of Ready-Mixed Concrete Manufacturers (ANEFHOP).

This Royal Decree establishes the technical criteria that concrete plants need to meet in their production control. These include inspections that must take place at least every two years to verify production control with respect to concrete and its components, facilities and documentation control, as well as the capacities of technical staff.

ANEFHOP, which participates in the elaboration of this Royal Decree, is encouraging all plants to meet these requirements. For this reason, the Association is hailing this first certification, which serves as an example to the sector.

Until now, the old regulations applied to concrete plants left compliance guarantees in the hands of the manufacturer. It was not verified by a third party. With this new Royal Decree, control authorities such as AENOR are the ones who verify compliance with the legislation.

Thanks to LafargeHolcim, which put itself forward to be assessed by the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC), AENOR has been able to obtain the accreditation and work with the Royal Decree.

Specifically, the AENOR audit took place in the LafargeHolcim concrete factory in Alcobendas, and in the Central Concrete Laboratory, where production control takes place.

Isidoro Miranda, CEO of LafargeHolcim Spain; Manuel Barrero, manager of the Concrete Activity, and María Ángeles Vidal, manager of Concrete Quality, received the accreditation this morning from Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR.

María Angeles Vidal pointed out that 'with this certification, the company is once again a pioneer in regulatory and quality compliance. Our objective is to have all our factories certified by the end of 2020'. Vidal concluded that 'for us, this process has been an exercise in transparency, and working with AENOR brings us the peace of mind and security that we are aligned with the best practices of quality in the sector'.

Rafael García said that the fact that 'LafargeHolcim has obtained this certification in a pioneering way demonstrates not only its concern to comply with production requirements for concrete plants, but also its firm commitment to improving quality and safety, in anticipation of the entry into force of the legislation that will govern the sale of ready-made concrete, on 1 April 2021'. He also emphasised that 'construction is a strategic sector for AENOR, in which we have more than 20 years of experience and more than 400 concrete plants assessed, making us a benchmark in this field'.