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InfoCamere, the first Italian organisation to obtain the ISO/IEC 25012 data quality certification from AENOR


19 February 2020 – 6 million companies, a database of 10 million people and more than one million euros on Balance sheets, are the large figures on which the Companies Register of Chambers of Commerce has obtained the ISO/IEC 25012 data quality certification 'Data quality model ', following the lines established for the national interest databases of the Digital Italy Agency (AgID).

InfoCamere, the company of the Italian Chambers of Commerce for digital innovation, thus becomes the first organisation in Italy to obtain this certification by AENOR and the Italian Companies Registry is the first database of the European Business Register to be certified

The Companies Registry, one of the databases of national interest provided for in the Digital Administration Code, is the official record of all Italian companies, i.e. the fundamental file for the development of economic and business development indicators, which provides a complete and up-to-date picture of the legal situation of each company. Its management involves the Chambers of Commerce, Unioncamere and InfoCamere with different roles and tasks.

To obtain this certification, InfoCamere has successfully passed a certification compliance audit by AENOR, having previously passed an external evaluation by the AQCLab laboratory, which is the first and only international laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Body (ENAC) and ACCREDIA, which belongs to ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) and includes mutual international recognition in the context of software and data quality assessments.

In order to measure the quality of the data, InfoCamere has made available to AQCLab approximately 1,800 business rules and operations that describe the complete operation of the Commercial Registry Database.

According to the Chairman of InfoCamere, Lorenzo Tagliavanti, "the certification obtained is a recognition of the daily commitment that InfoCamere and the Chambers of Commerce have put into the collection, management and dissemination of data on Italian companies and the effort to integrate them with other sources of public information. " He also commented that "in a context in which the volume of information increases exponentially, the quality and accuracy of data is essential in order to support complex decisions by institutions, companies and citizens."

InfoCamere actively supports the dissemination of a new culture of data quality, believing that it is a stimulus for development and an impetus to improve services in a perspective in which data (mainly public) are organised in systems of horizontal communication between them.

Unlike other certifications focussed on the processes of an organisation, the standard ISO/IEC 25012 is centred on the content of the databases and particularly recognises that the information complies with the standard's 15 quality requirements on aspects such as accuracy, completeness, consistency, credibility, and currentness, among other things.