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The Hospital San Juan de Dios in Burgos receives the EFQM 400+ Seal of Excellence

The Hospital San Juan de Dios in Burgos receives the EFQM 400+ Seal of Excellence


8 de marzo de 2019. The the Management Excellence Club and the certification company AENOR have awarded the certificate in EFQM Business Excellence to the Burgos hospital, which now holds the EFQM 400+ certificate as well as the EFQM 300+ certificate.

Juan Francisco Seco, managing director of the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Burgos was presented with the EFQM 400+ certificate this morning by Inmaculada García, Director of AENOR in Castilla-Leon and Mercedes Hérnandez, Director of Club Excelencia en Gestión. This new certificate entails the renewal of the EFQM 300+ certificate and the achievement of the higher level EFQM 400+. The event was held in the chapel of the San Juan de Dios Hospital, to coincide with the day of the hospital's patron saint, San Juan de Dios.

The hospital obtained this recognition by Club Excelencia en Gestión, after successfully passing an external audit carried out by AENOR. 

Juan Francisco Seco thanked AENOR and Club Excelencia en Gestión, "for having awarded the hospital the level 400+ in the EFQM business excellence model after the last audit, carried out in December. AENOR has been a great ally and collaborator for many years, accompanying us in our process of continuous improvement. Thanks to you and the professionals who work for you, we have received information, advice, ideas and proposals for improvement, and all this work has been rewarded today with this distinction".

Mercedes Hernández, Director of Club Excelencia en Gestión: "The commitment undertaken by San Juan de Dios Hospital in Burgos with the community of Burgos is exemplary, and their hard work has been rewarded with the EFQM 400+ Seal of Excellence. The Certificate recognises the hospital's quality management system and the quality of its healthcare model designed to care for patients with complex needs; with its humane, compassionate and evangelist approach to patient care, resulting in a culture of shared values, responsibility, ethics, trust and transparency".

According to Inmaculada García, director of AENOR in Castile-Leon, "by obtaining the EFQM 400+ European Seal of Excellence as well as the 300+, the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Burgos has taken a step further in its commitment to quality and continuous improvement. AENOR, on behalf of Club Excelencia en Gestión, has granted over 600 EFQM Seals of Excellence".

The EFQM Excellence Model is applied by organisations as the basis for their management system with a view to achieving sustainable excellence. San Juan de Dios Hospital in Burgos has achieved its objectives. There are nine fundamental concepts of Excellence that the EFQM Excellence Model takes into account when awarding Seals of Excellence. These nine concepts are divided into two separate sections: firstly, what the organisation does and how it does it and secondly, the results obtained by the organisation in regard to its interest groups and its compliance with its strategic plan.

With the delivery of the EFQM 400+ Seal of Excellence to the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Burgos, AENOR and Club Excelencia recognise the centre's prestige and experience and the quality of the patient care provided to chronic, palliative and multipathology patients. The audit analysed the hospitalisation procedures required to deal with patients with complex needs, and the results revealed excellent scores in patient health and satisfaction indicators over the last four years. This stamp also recognises the professionalism of the hospital employees and collaborators, the work of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare workers and other professionals, as well as the efficiency, clinical safety and quality of the entire healthcare process. The EFQM seal of excellence is only awarded to organisations that comply with the highest standards in excellence.

With this Seal of Excellence, San Juan de Dios Hospital in Burgos confirms that it continues to operate in accordance with the criteria of excellence.