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AENOR certifies Gestagua, which becomes the first company to obtain the new ISO 50001 certification for Energy Management


18 October 2019. GESTIÓN Y TECHNICAS DEL AGUA S.A. (Gestagua), becomes the first Spanish company to be audited and certified by AENOR in accordance with the new requirements of standard UNE-ISO 50001 on Energy Management Systems.

UNE-ISO 50001 is the most widely used business energy management standard in the world. Its aim is to help organisations implement energy policies and adequately manage the energy aspects of their activities. It also helps companies reduce their primary energy consumption, outside dependence and energy intensity by promoting the use of renewable energy, which contributes to improving an organisation's ability to compete.

With this certification, GESTAGUA guarantees the implementation of an Energy Management System, the aim of which is to provide the organisation with tools that enable it to reduce and identify the activities that use the greatest amount of energy (HERMES and AQUAEL) in order to prevent "Energy Leakage".

Accroding to the audit, GESTAGUA's strong points are leadership, involvement of senior executives in the management process and the company's ability to effectively communicate what the responsibilities and benefits of the energy management system are to employees. In this area, the company did well in defining roles, monitoring progress and communicating objectives and performance results.

GESTAGUA has structured its work teams in order to manage energy by creating an energy management department and providing it with the economic and material resources that are associated with the action plan and focused on achieving objectives.

This standard is based on the "measure to identify, and identify to improve" principle that defines an Energy Management System. GESTAGUA's system enables it to efficiently use the energy required by its Comprehensive Water Cycle Management facilities at Carballo and Madridejos.

By receiving certification of its Energy Management System, GESTAGUA has been able to devise a number of measures to help manage and minimise the company's primary energy consumption and comply with current legislation on a continuous basis, which in turn helps to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The certification obtained is added to the AENOR certificates already received by the company for Quality Management Systems (UNE-EN-ISO 9001), Environmental Management Systems (UNE-EN-ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001).

According to the latest report issued in September by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) for 2018, with more than 3,000 certified centres, Spain has the fourth largest number of ISO 50001 accreditations in both Europe and the world. There are 46,770 certified organisations worldwide.