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Storage systems inspection

Storage systems inspection

Warehouse showing several aisles

Storage systems are considered work equipment and, as such, fall under its legislative and regulatory scope (Royal Decree 1215/1997 and 486/1997. Companies must take the necessary actions to ensure they maintain satisfactory safety conditions throughout its service life through suitable maintenance.

Storage showing shelves.
What elements undergo inspection?

Algunos de los requisitos que recoge la EN 15635 Almacenaje en estanterías metálicas. Using and maintaining storage equipment:

  • Damage due to impact on any part of the structure; specifically, damage to braces and crossbars.
  • Vertical braces.
  • Condition and effectiveness of the components: baseplates and connections between crossbars and braces.
  • Cracks in the welds or base materials.
  • Condition of the building floor.
  • Placement of the loads on the palettes.​
  • Placement of the merchandise storage pieces on the rack and on the floor.

Storage, shelves with products
What storage systems undergo inspection?

​Todas aquellas estanterías definidas en la EN 15878 Sistemas de almacenamiento en estanterías metálicas. Terms and definitions. AENOR performs the inspection irrespective of the manufacturer, model or installer.

The types of storage systems inspected include:

  • Adjustable pallet racking.
  • Compact pallet racking (Drive in and Drive through).
  • Pallet racking with stacker crane S/R.
  • Pallet racking with open front.
  • Miniload racking for individual loads.
  • Manual load racking.
  • Cantilever.
  • Racking with tall aisles.
  • Mobile racking.

Desk with various documents and a hand making points.

What do companies receive upon passing our Inspection?

  • Final inspection report that classifies the detected damages into three categories: (green, amber or red) with photographic documentation.
  • Layout of the storage facility.
  • Rating plates.