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Advanced management certification
9004 Advanced Management Certification

Advanced management certification

Advanced management certification

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Towards business excellence

The Certification in Advanced Management 9004 is the new tool for management improvement, that places AENOR at the disposal of organisations that want to progress towards excellence. It meets the need of those organisations whose management has evolved and exceeds the ISO compliance criteria 9001.

It is a self-assessment that the company itself carries out in accordance with the standard UNE 66174:2010​. Guide to assessing the management systems of an organisation in order to attain continued success in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 9004:2009" , which is subsequently verified by a team of AENOR experts.

This assessment makes it possible to:

  • Gradually progress from traditional management systems based on Standard ISO 9001 towards an overall model of excellence.
  • Position the company with regard to the degree of improvement applicable to the organisation's management.
  • Prioritise the aspects towards which it should aim its efforts in order to improve its products/services.
  • To improve relationships not only with clients, but also amongst all interested parties.

This certification scheme applies to any type of organisation, irrespective of the sector in which it operates.

This audit is conducted while at the same time the standard is audited ISO 9001, which is why it has numerous advantages, such as a single evaluation team, saving days. In addition, it is perfectly compatible with any other management system. In the past, certifications have been performed that integrate four standards, including UNE 66174.

Once the audit process has been successfully completed, the organisation will obtain:

  • The AENOR Advanced Management Certificate.
  • A licence to use AENOR's Advanced Management mark.

Furthermore, organisations with management systems certified by AENOR have free access to the AENORnet and a subscription to the AENOR monthly magazine.

AENOR Mark for Advanced Management

AENOR Advanced Management Mark

The first certificates in Advanced Management 9004 were issued to organisations such as General Motors Spain, the Murcia Region Directorate General of Tax, Contadores de Agua de Zaragoza and IMP consultores de operaciones.​​​​