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Packaging and materials

Packaging and materials

Packaging and materials

There are many toxins that can migrate from materials and ​​​containers that enter into contact with foodstuffs.

AENORlaboratorio offers you the technical support you need to guarantee the safety of your products​

Depending on the material's characteristics, composition and conditions of use, AENORlaboratorio's technical team designs the tests to be carried out, defining the required stimulant and test conditions, and collaborates with our customers in issuing the declaration of conformity.

NIAS are substances that can be present in a material but which have not been added voluntarily during the manufacturing process, and therefore their presence is unknown (Non-intentionally added substances).

The NIAS can originate from a wide range of sources: impurities from raw materials, by-products that are formed during polymerisation, degradation processes that occur during manufacturing and the material's storage, the contact with foodstuffs, etc.

The identification, study and classification of these substances requires a combination of screening analytical techniques and toxicological studies, with the aim of learning about the effects that the exposure to these substances can have on human health.

EU Recommendations for packaging and materials

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