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Trusted Platform "Overcoming COVID-19"

New ISO 20000

Trusted Platform "Overcoming COVID-19"

Certification for Classified Energy Service Providers
Certification for Classified Energy Service Providers
Certification for Classified Energy Service Providers
Certification for Classified Energy Service Providers
Certification for Classified Energy Service Providers
Certification for Classified Energy Service Providers

iSO/PAS 45005

Online webinar: "COVID-19. Experiences in 1st person", organised by AENOR in collaboration with Carrefour



COVID-19. First-hand experiences

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The last few months have been an unprecedented test for citizens and companies alike. Only by creating confidence will the economy and society regain their vigour.

Learn about what we can offer you

  • Certificates that recognise those organisations that have implemented effective measures to prevent infection through anti-COVID19 protocols
  • Certificates that identify cleaning and disinfection companies with controlled hygienic processes.
  • Certifications for specific sectors such as the tourism sector
  • Protective equipment certificates drawn up in accordance with standards
  • Remote audits of different certifications, which allow certification processes to not be delayed
  • Online live training
  • Laboratory analysis of COVID-19 on surfaces
  • Monitoring of the production processes of health and protective equipment by AENOR inspectors
  • Access to standards that indicate how to develop essential materials in the fight against the pandemic, as well as in the provision of services based on specific protocols
  • In short, greater security in the face of the new situation.

In addition to the most frequently requested standards these days, we offer you some other highlighted standards in the healthcare sector:


AENOR offers you all the technologies and means so that you can continue with your training plans. To do this, AENOR has created LIVE TRAININGso you can carry on training at home, work or wherever you want.

Live Training has been created to simulate that you are in the classroom, and therefore has the same quality as if it were there in person. This is achieved by training with the same teachers, materials and contents as face-to-face training.

This course will allow you to draw up a COVID-19 protocol for your organisation to ensure that it acts and operates in safe conditions, minimising the risks for workers and customers.
Learn about the steps and matters to be taken into account both for the preparation of the safety protocols, and the review of the already drafted ones, with specific legal and sectoral references.

With this course you will learn about the guidelines established by this new standard that will help your organisation to quickly and effectively confront the risks that represent a pandemic situation for the health, safety and well-being of people in all work environments, including teleworking and mobile environments, as well as the health and safety of all stakeholders outside the organisation.

  • Certification of Protocols against COVID-19 AENOR has developed a methodology based on the recommendations of national and international organisations, which represents a complete approach to organisations' management of COVID-19 related risks, with a complete registry of fields such as occupational health, cleaning, training, waste management and specific risks in organisations, and that it is aligned with the review of its contingency and business continuity plans. 
  • NEW! UNE-ISO/PAS 45005 Certification: Safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of the current epidemiological situation AENOR has bolstered its solutions by incorporating this new certification, which endorses the hard work previously carried out to achieve the COVID-19 Protocol certificate, thus giving organisations a further opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to safety in the management of their activity, and now with the reinforcement of an international standard.
  • Hygienic face mask certification
  • Certification CE Marking of personal protective equipment
  • Certification Controlled sanitation. It represents a complete approach to the management of cleaning and disinfection activities and consists of exhaustive assessments both in person and documentary, as well as in the Sampling for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) detection using PCR, aerobes and surface enterobacteria techniques, analysis managed by the AENOR laboratory, to verify the effectiveness of the previously defined protocols and methodologies.
  • Certification SAFE TOURISM CERTIFIED by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) to certify 21 reference points affecting 21 different areas of the Spanish tourism value chain.


Verification of Cleaning and Disinfection processes

  • The verification of cleaning and disinfection processes has always been a critical aspect in certain sectors, such as agri-food and healthcare. Now, due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing, it becomes an essential tool that allows us to increase the safety of people against the spread of coronavirus in the different environments in which we move: shops, work centres, public transport, etc.

Analysis of hygienic face masks

  • Hygienic masks must comply with the requirements specified in the standards UNE 0064-1:2020, UNE 0064-2:2020 and UNE 0065:2020 in order to ensure their correct functioning. AENOR has initiated the tests necessary to verify compliance with these specifications:
    • Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE): this test allows the degree of filtration of the masks to be determined, with a minimum requirement of 95% for non-reusable face masks and 90% for reusable face masks.  
    • Breathability: This analysis assesses the ease of breathing with the mask from various differential pressure measurements, and must be the result of less than 60 Pa/cm2
    • Microbial cleaning: In addition to the requirements of hygienic face mask standards, we carry out the microbial cleaning analysis in order to determine the bioburden (number of microorganisms) of the mask before use.

Analysis of coronavirus on surfaces. Verifies the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection procedures with the SARS COV-2 virus analysis service on surfaces and water by PCR.



Certainties are needed on the material that is acquired and received. For this reason, the AENOR inspectors supervise the production processes of healthcare and protective products (sanitary masks, PPE masks, gloves, goggles, etc.) ensuring that shipments correspond with what has been agreed to.

Trusted Platform "Overcoming COVID-19"

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