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The AENOR publishing company

The AENOR publishing company

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AENOR Ediciones publishes and markets technical books

Since its foundation, AENOR has published technical books with the aim of facilitating the application, training and understanding of the information generated within all the sectors where it has a presence. This catalogue of books increases every year with the addition of new works written by renowned experts who have a wealth of experience in their respective industries.

About us

Our technical books are published under the AENORediciones publishing imprint.We hold membership to the Madrid Guild of Editors and of CEDRO (Spanish Centre for Reprographic Rights). AENORediciones is among the most prestigious publishers in Science, Medicine and Technology, according to the latest qualitative study on academic publishers carried out by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

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Our publications

We publish technical books and application guides about issues such as quality, the environment, information technology, engineering, construction, R+D+I, risks and safety, etc. We currently have a catalogue of more than 160 publications in paper or electronic format (pdf and epub).​

Our objective

To spread knowledge and experience in different areas to enable these concepts to be applied, taught and understood. To do this, we always employ a simple and eminently practical approach.

Our authors

​​​The authors of our books are active within our entity and also within universities and different organisations. They are all experts who are held in high regard within their industries and who are therefore able to bring experience and added value to their works.

Would you like to be an author?

If you have developed an idea about a publication, or have already written an original work that you would like to publish through AENORediciones, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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