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IEEE 442-2017  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2018-05-07

IEEE Guide for Thermal Resistivity Measurements of Soils and Backfill Materials

IEEE 43-2013  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2014-03-06

IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Electric Machinery

IEEE 389-1996  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2007-09-27

IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing Electronics Transformers and Inductors

IEEE 1591.2-2017  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2018-03-15

IEEE Standard for Testing and Performance of Hardware for All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) Fiber Optic Cable

IEEE 1609.2a-2017  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2017-10-13

IEEE Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments--Security Services for Applications and Management Messages - Amendment 1

IEEE 1792-2017  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2017-06-28

IEEE Recommended Practice for Nuclear Power Generating Station Preferred Power Supply Reliability

IEEE 524-2016  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2017-04-28

IEEE Guide for the Installation of Overhead Transmission Line Conductors

IEEE C37.41-2016  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2016-12-09

IEEE Standard Design Tests for High-Voltage (>1000 V) Fuses and Accessories

IEEE 7-4.3.2-2016  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2016-08-25

IEEE Standard Criteria for Programmable Digital Devices in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Generating Stations

IEEE 383-2015  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2015-10-05

IEEE Standard for Qualifying Electric Cables and Splices for Nuclear Facilities

IEEE C57.12.01-2015  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2015-02-27

IEEE Standard for General Requirements for Dry-Type Distribution and Power Transformers

IEEE C57.155-2014  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2014-11-28

IEEE Guide for Interpretation of Gases Generated in Natural Ester and Synthetic Ester-Immersed Transformers

IEEE 1129-2014  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2014-04-11

IEEE Guide for Online Monitoring of Large Synchronous Generators (10 MVA and Above)

IEEE C57.96-2013  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2014-01-27

IEEE Guide for Loading Dry-Type Distribution and Power Transformers

IEEE 1478-2013  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2013-12-20

IEEE Standard for Environmental Conditions for Transit Railcar Electronic Equipment

IEEE 81-2012  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2012-12-28

IEEE Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedance, and Earth Surface Potentials of a Grounding System

IEEE C57.143-2012  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2012-12-19

IEEE Guide for Application for Monitoring Equipment to Liquid-Immersed Transformers and Components

IEEE C57.98-2011  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2012-03-09

IEEE Guide for Transformer Impulse Tests

IEEE 1591.3-2011  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2011-10-07

IEEE Standard for Qualifying Hardware for Helically-Applied Fiber Optic Cable Systems (WRAP Cable)

IEEE 485-2010  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2011-04-15

IEEE Recommended Practice for Sizing Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications

IEEE 450-2010  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2011-02-25

IEEE Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Vented Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications

IEEE 605-2008  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2010-05-14

IEEE Guide for Bus Design in Air Insulated Substations

IEEE 841-2009  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2009-08-17

IEEE Standard for Petroleum and Chemical Industry--Premium-Efficiency, Severe-Duty, Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) Squirrel Cage Induction Motors--Up to and Including 370 kW (500 hp)

IEEE 1474.2-2003  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2008-12-10

IEEE Standard for User Interface Requirements in Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) Systems

IEEE 1474.3-2008  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2008-09-03

IEEE Recommended Practice for Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) System Design and Functional Allocations

IEEE 1502-2007  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2007-09-07

IEEE Recommended Practice for Radar Cross-Section Test Procedures

IEEE C37.21a-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-07-01

IEEE Standard for Control Switchboards--Amendment 1: Control and Secondary Circuits and Devices, and All Wiring

IEEE 802.1AS-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-06-19

IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks--Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications

IEEE 2420-2019  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-06-18

IEEE Standard Criteria for Combustion Turbine-Generator Units Applied as Standby Power Supplies for Nuclear Power Generating Stations

IEEE C37.250-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-06-17

IEEE Guide for Engineering, Implementation, and Management of System Integrity Protection Schemes

IEEE 1588-2019  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-06-16

IEEE Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems

IEEE 2143.1-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-06-12

IEEE Standard for General Process of Cryptocurrency Payment

IEEE 802.1AX-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-29

IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks--Link Aggregation

IEEE C37.20.2a-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-26

IEEE Standard for Metal-Clad Switchgear--Amendment 1: Control and Secondary Circuits and Devices, and All Wiring

IEEE/ISO/IEC 11073-10201-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-25

ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard - Health informatics--Device interoperability--Part 10201:Point-of-care medical device communication--Domain information model

IEEE 1547.1-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-21

IEEE Standard Conformance Test Procedures for Equipment Interconnecting Distributed Energy Resources with Electric Power Systems and Associated Interfaces

IEEE 1185-2019  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-15

IEEE Recommended Practice for Cable Installation in Generating Stations and Industrial Facilities

IEEE C37.20.1a-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-13

IEEE Standard for Metal-Enclosed Low-Voltage (1000 V ac and below, 3200 V dc and below) Power Circuit Breaker Switchgear - Amendment 1: Control and Secondary Circuits and Devices, and All Wiring

IEEE 3001.4-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-12

IEEE Recommended Practice for Estimating the Costs of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

IEEE 2791-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-11

IEEE Standard for Bioinformatics Analyses Generated by High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) to Facilitate Communication

IEEE 1863-2019  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-11

IEEE Guide for Overhead AC Transmission Line Design

IEEE 1248-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-05

IEEE Guide for the Commissioning of Electrical Systems in Hydroelectric Power Plants

IEEE 802.22-2019  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-05

IEEE Standard for Information Technology--Telecommunications and information exchange between systems--Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRAN)--Specific requirements--Part 22: Cognitive Wireless RAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications: Policies and Procedures for Operation in the Bands that Allow Spectrum Sharing where the Communications Devices May Opportunistically Operate in the Spectrum of Primary Service

IEEE 389-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-01

IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing Transformers and Inductors for Electronics Applications

IEEE 7010-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-05-01

IEEE Recommended Practice for Assessing the Impact of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems on Human Well-Being

IEEE 11073-10407-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-04-30

IEEE Health informatics--Personal health device communication Part 10407: Device specialization--Blood pressure monitor

IEEE 1276-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-04-30

IEEE Guide for the Application of High-Temperature Insulation Materials in Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers

IEEE 1653.2-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-04-30

IEEE Standard for Uncontrolled Traction Power Rectifiers for Substation Applications up to 1500 V DC Nominal Output

IEEE 16-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-04-24

IEEE Standard for Electrical and Electronic Control Apparatus on Rail Vehicles

IEEE 2790-2020  IEQ

Status: Activate / 2020-04-24

IEEE Standard for Biometric Liveness Detection

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