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ASTM D790-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-07-24

Standard Test Methods for Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastics and Electrical Insulating Materials

ASTM D638-14  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-02-28

Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Plastics

ASTM E45-18a  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-09-05

Standard Test Methods for Determining the Inclusion Content of Steel

ASTM D695-15  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2016-12-27

Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics

ASTM E505-15  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2016-12-27

Standard Reference Radiographs for Inspection of Aluminum and Magnesium Die Castings

ASTM E1019-18  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-06-12

Standard Test Methods for Determination of Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Oxygen in Steel, Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt Alloys by Various Combustion and Inert Gas Fusion Techniques

ASTM D6980-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-08-22

Standard Test Method for Determination of Moisture in Plastics by Loss in Weight

ASTM D792-13  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2016-12-27

Standard Test Methods for Density and Specific Gravity (Relative Density) of Plastics by Displacement

ASTM F88/F88M-15  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2016-12-27

Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials

ASTM D3359-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2019-12-16

Standard Test Methods for Rating Adhesion by Tape Test

ASTM D4169-16  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2019-02-12

Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems

ASTM A370-18  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2019-01-23

Standard Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Testing of Steel Products

ASTM E29-13(2019)  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2019-01-04

Standard Practice for Using Significant Digits in Test Data to Determine Conformance with Specifications

ASTM E1933-14(2018)  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-12-13

Standard Practice for Measuring and Compensating for Emissivity Using Infrared Imaging Radiometers

ASTM A108-18  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-11-15

Standard Specification for Steel Bar, Carbon and Alloy, Cold-Finished

ASTM E308-18  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-09-10

Standard Practice for Computing the Colors of Objects by Using the CIE System


Status: Activate / 2018-08-29

Standard Test Method for Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials

ASTM E203-16  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-07-27

Standard Test Method for Water Using Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration

ASTM A350/A350M-18  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-06-12

Standard Specification for Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel Forgings, Requiring Notch Toughness Testing for Piping Components

ASTM E2180-18  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-05-18

Standard Test Method for Determining the Activity of Incorporated Antimicrobial Agent(s) In Polymeric or Hydrophobic Materials


Status: Activate / 2018-05-15

Standard Specification for Magnesium-Alloy Die Castings

ASTM D1505-18  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-05-09

Standard Test Method for Density of Plastics by the Density-Gradient Technique

ASTM A407-18  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-04-20

Standard Specification for Steel Wire, Cold-Drawn, for Coiled-Type Springs

ASTM D5185-18  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-04-12

Standard Test Method for Multielement Determination of Used and Unused Lubricating Oils and Base Oils by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry (ICP-AES)

ASTM D1623-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-04-06

Standard Test Method for Tensile and Tensile Adhesion Properties of Rigid Cellular Plastics

ASTM D823-18  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-03-15

Standard Practices for Producing Films of Uniform Thickness of Paint, Coatings and Related Products on Test Panels

ASTM C1167-11(2017)  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-01-25

Standard Specification for Clay Roof Tiles

ASTM A123/A123M-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2018-01-15

Standard Specification for Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on Iron and Steel Products

ASTM F711-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-12-22

Standard Specification for Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Rod and Tube Used in Live Line Tools 

ASTM B562-95(2017)  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-11-06

Standard Specification for Refined Gold

ASTM F382-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-10-20

Standard Specification and Test Method for Metallic Bone Plates

ASTM D1475-13  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-10-13

Standard Test Method For Density of Liquid Coatings, Inks, and Related Products

ASTM A380/A380M-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-09-29

Standard Practice for Cleaning, Descaling, and Passivation of Stainless Steel Parts, Equipment, and Systems

ASTM E88-11(2017)  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-09-08

Standard Practice for Sampling Nonferrous Metals and Alloys in Cast Form for Determination of Chemical Composition

ASTM E384-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-08-25

Standard Test Method for Microindentation Hardness of Materials

ASTM D6124-06(2017)  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-07-17

Standard Test Method for Residual Powder on Medical Gloves

ASTM E1004-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-07-06

Standard Test Method for Determining Electrical Conductivity Using the Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) Method

ASTM E415-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-06-22

Standard Test Method for Analysis of Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel by Spark Atomic Emission Spectrometry


Status: Activate / 2017-05-25

Standard Test Methods for Vickers Hardness and Knoop Hardness of Metallic Materials

ASTM C633-13(2017)  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-05-24

Standard Test Method for Adhesion or Cohesion Strength of Thermal Spray Coatings

ASTM B413-97a(2017)  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-04-25

Standard Specification for Refined Silver

ASTM D3574-17  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-03-29

Standard Test Methods for Flexible Cellular Materials—Slab, Bonded, and Molded Urethane Foams

ASTM A29/A29M-16  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-02-24

Standard Specification for General Requirements for Steel Bars, Carbon and Alloy, Hot-Wrought

ASTM D3648-14  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-02-10

Standard Practices for the Measurement of Radioactivity

ASTM D6760-16  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2017-02-02

Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundations by Ultrasonic Crosshole Testing

ASTM B93/B93M-15  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2016-12-27

Standard Specification for Magnesium Alloys in Ingot Form for Sand Castings, Permanent Mold Castings, and Die Castings

ASTM D5712-15  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2016-12-27

Standard Test Method for Analysis of Aqueous Extractable Protein in Latex, Natural Rubber, and Elastomeric Products Using the Modified Lowry Method

ASTM B401-12(2016)  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2016-12-27

Standard Specification for Compact Round Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductors, Steel-Reinforced (ACSR/COMP)

ASTM D7027-13  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2016-12-27

Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Scratch Resistance of Polymeric Coatings and Plastics Using an Instrumented Scratch Machine

ASTM E1409-13  ASTM

Status: Activate / 2016-12-27

Standard Test Method for Determination of Oxygen and Nitrogen in Titanium and Titanium Alloys by Inert Gas Fusion

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