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UNE-EN ISO 22476-6:2019

UNE-EN ISO 22476-6:2019

Investigación y ensayos geotécnicos. Ensayos de campo. Parte 6: Ensayo presiométrico autoperforado. (ISO 22476-6:2018).

Geotechnical investigation and testing - Field testing - Part 6: Self boring pressuremeter test (ISO 22476-6:2018)

Reconnaissance et essais géotechniques - Essais en place - Partie 6: Essai pressiométrique autoforé (ISO 22476-6:2018)

Publication date:
2019-07-24 /In force
International equivalences:

EN ISO 22476-6:2018 (Idéntico)

ISO 22476-6:2018 (Idéntico)

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