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At AENOR we care about you

At AENOR we care about you

Although our face-to-face courses have been suspended, we want you to continue training and become the professional you want and deserve to be.

Online courses

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Live Training

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Learn how to develop Protocols against COVID-19

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In the face of the crisis caused by the COVID-19, companies must implement action measures that allow them to return to normal with guarantees. With AENOR you can learn how to develop a COVID-19 action protocol

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Why choose our training courses?

Talgo Committed to purchasing management
  • Theoretical-practical content combined with learning resources: manuals, explanatory videos, virtual classes, use of SCORMS, forums, etc.
  • Carrying out real practical exercises
  • Advanced tutorials system
  • Monitoring and continuous assessment of students
  • Virtual collaborative work in practical cases
  • Teaching team made up of recognised, active professionals, who are experts on the subjects
  • Bonus courses

Live Training 📢 NEW!

Talgo Committed to purchasing management

  • Live, real time training
  • User-friendly and easy-to-follow methodology
  • Live conferences
  • Knowledge and exchange of professional experience live
  • Through our Virtual Classroom
  • Training at the best price
  • Subsidised by FUNDAE
  • In Company mode available
  • All the dissemination of knowledge live and in your home

Do you need assistance?

Should you have any doubts or queries, please get in touch with us:

AENOR formación Customer Services