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  • Head of Business Development / LATAM Region / ECUADOR Delegation
  • Head of Business Development / LATAM Region / PERU Delegation
  • ICT Auditor (Valencia Delegation)
  • IFS + BRC Auditor (Aragon Delegation)
  • IRIS-TS Auditor (Madrid Delegation)
  • IFS + BRC Auditor (Murcia Delegation)
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Auditor (Basque Country Delegation)
  • Compliance Auditor (Galicia Delegation)
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Auditor (Madrid Delegation)
  • Compliance Auditor (Catalonia Delegation)

Furthermore, at AENOR we offer respect and support...

Diversity and equal opportunities
Diversity and equal opportunities

The diversity of gender, age and capacities is managed with the aim of guaranteeing equal opportunities. Different tools guarantee this equality, especially the Equality Plan, which is a system that ensures the fulfilment of the adopted measures. 

Competitive benefits and flexible remuneration
Competitive benefits and flexible remuneration

The AENOR team has a comprehensive compensation package, which includes competitive benefits in the market and opportunities for professional growth. In this regard, it gives its professional a flexible payment package and a set of measures that favour the work-life balance.

Security and well-being

AENOR integrates a culture of prevention, whose management system guarantees the safety of those who work here, whilst promoting healthy habits and providing our team with training activities and talks on current matters related with a healthy lifestyle: AENORSaludable.

Knowledge management
Knowledge management

AENOR, as a community of knowledge, is permanently committed to training and developing our staff, with a view to bring this knowledge to society though processes of assessing conformity.

Our human resources management is based on our corporate values:

  • People: The way we are and the way we do things set us aside    
  • Excellence: We go further for you!
  • Vision of the future: The future is today
  • Focus on results: Everyone + You = AENOR Grows
  • Commitment: Be proud with AENOR!

Our 'AENOR style' becomes our true competitive edge.

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what our distinguishing values are in depth.



Joining our team will allow you to develop both professionally and personally, maximising your competences, contributing innovative ideas and working in a team.  

At AENOR we help thousands of organisations to improve their competitiveness, because we recognise the best practices in terms of Quality, Environmental Management, Innovation, Occupational Safety or Social Responsibility.

AENOR offers you a professional development plan in various areas of conformity assessment: certification, inspection, testing, validation and verification of projects to reduce emissions, and to offer training and specialised information services.

Please send your curriculum to the Personnel and Organisation Department: