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Vivesoy proves its commitment to the Spanish agri-food industry


AENOR has awarded Vivesoy the label "Guaranteed origin", which certifies the national sourcing of the company's raw materials. Vivesoy, the only brand in the vegetable beverage market using 100% locally-sourced crops, now adds this accreditation to all its varieties, demonstrating its commitment to the Spanish agri-food industry and to sustainable and local production.

In order to obtain and maintain this label, Pascual has had to comply with the rigorous standard developed by AENOR, and pass annual audits in all its plants;

Pascual has also accompanied the relaunch of Vivesoy with a new brand image that pays tribute to the land and farmers, as the source of their products. This new image includes the AENOR mark and highlights its 100% locally sourced feature in order to convey to the consumer its commitment to the development of Spanish agriculture and the importance of consuming local produce as the best asset of sustainability and quality.

Please find more information in the press release attached.

(Javier Peña, Director of the Dairy and Vegetable Beverage Business at Pascual; Daniel Sánchez-Patón, Director of Quality and Environment at Pascual; and Javier Mejía, Director of Sectoral and Product Marketing at AENOR).

Press Release​​​​