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Turbus certified by AENOR for its COVID-19 Protocols


AENOR has granted certification of COVID-19 Protocols to the Chilean transport company Turbus for its intercity buses.

To obtain the certification, the protocols established by Turbus were contrasted with a methodology based on the guidelines and requirements of different national and international documents, issued by bodies such as the Ministry of Health or the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety. This certification of best practice protocols consisted of a series of exhaustive assessments of Turbus' management of COVID-19-related risks, from the management of the specific risks of the organisation to the application of protocols aligned with them.

The evaluation carried out AENOR assesses aspects such as risk management; occupational health and safety management; the training, information and communications developed; the organisational measures (control of capacity and distances), and protective measures (use of PPE), as well as good cleaning and hygiene practices, among other things. Everything in order to protect both the travellers and the company's own workers.

In the photograph, on the left, Denise Garate, People and Customer Manager at Turbus, together with María Angélica Sanhueza, Director of AENOR in Chile.