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Triple certificate for IDETER


AENOR has awarded IDETER, a manufacturer of industrial ovens, with triple certification for its implementation of systems and compliance with the regulations established in the areas of Gestión de la Calidad (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It thus becomes the first company in its sector to obtain such recognition.

Obtaining these certificates demonstrates not only a high level of compliance with established regulations, but also IDETER's excellent work in these areas of management, something it has demonstrated for more than 30 years.

ISO 9001 certifies Quality Management, recognising the systematisation, control and continuous improvement of a company's processes and its approach to the satisfaction of end customers and other stakeholders. Meanwhile, ISO 14001 certifies Environmental Management, accrediting the company's concern for environmental protection in its design of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings, and in the control and minimisation of the impacts of its activities. Finally, CSR, which aims to integrate Social Responsibility throughout the organisation and contribute to sustainable development, taking into account the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

More than 400 furnaces installed in 11 countries guarantee the trajectory of this Andalusian company, which offers tailor-made solutions for thermal treatment, pyrolysis, cremation, metallurgy, laboratory work for fire resistance tests, ceramics, forging, etc.

In this way, IDETER has consolidated its role as a benchmark organisation in the sector, based on a professional model in which systematisation and improvement of processes and products, sustainability and the safety and health of workers are key.

In the photograph, from left to right, Antonio Pérez Bueno, founder of IDETER; Antonio Pérez Carreño, AENOR's Director in Andalusia; and Francisco Pérez Bueno, Director General of IDETER.