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Tarifa ECO GAS


AENOR has carried out the first annual verification of offset emissions of the 'Tarifa ECO GAS', sold by Gas Natural Fenosa.  

The annual verification carried out by AENOR, in accordance with Standard PAS 2050, consists in verifying the calculation of CO2 emissions equivalent to the consumption of natural gas in a determined activity, and the voluntary offsetting of said emissions, with a view to achieve a neutral figure for customers. Customers using the Tarifa ECO GAS will have an AENOR offset CO2 stamp on their bills from their very first one.

AENOR has certified the offsetting of 65 tCO2e for 2017 with the Tarifa ECO GAS, in a report including an overview of customers whose emissions have been calculated and offset for a determined period.

To neutralise the emissions of CO2 equivalent, the voluntary cancellation of 200 CERs has been taking place through the MDL project (Clean Development Mechanism) 'Gas Project of the Loma Los Colorados Landfill', located in Chile and owned by Gas Natural Fenosa Generación, S.L.U. in order to ensure that customers using this tariff are consuming emission-free gas.

The 'Gas Project of the Loma Los Colorados Landfill' is developing a recollection, use and destruction system for landfill gas, which, by burning it in the refinery flare, generates electricity that is exported to Chile's interconnected central electric grid.

The offsetting of emissions is a voluntary instrument to combat climate change. Any organisation can offset emissions from activities, products or services that they have not yet been able to reduce.