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Sigre obtains four AENOR certifications


SIGRE Medicine and Environment, the entity which guarantees the correct environmental management of packaging and remains of medicines from households, has obtained four certificates from AENOR.

This involves the renewal of its certifications in Quality Management, ISO 9001, and Environmental Management, ISO 14001, both in accordance with the new 2015 standards. It has also renewed the Occupational Health and Safety certificate, OHSAS 18001, and the Energy Management certificate, ISO 50001.

The updating of this quadruple certification proves SIGRE's commitment to each one of these fields and its spirit of innovation and continuous improvement of the service that it provides to the pharmaceutical sector and to the whole of society in the prevention of the production of waste packaging at source and the environmental management of packaging, packaging which is empty or with remains of medicine, at the end of its useful life cycle.

The certificate of Quality Management System of AENOR proves that the organisation complies with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001 and that it has implemented a Quality Management System that is committed to continuous improvement. Furthermore, the certificate of Environmental Management System helps organisations to identify, prevent, prioritise and manage environmental impacts.

Regarding the Occupational Health and Safety certificate, it helps to offer safer environments and, therefore, to reduce accidents and illnesses at work. Lastly, SIGRE has renewed the certificate of Energy management, which manages those elements of the activities, products or services that interact with energy use (energy aspects).

Pictured on the left, Javier Muñoz, AENOR's Compliance Operations Director, responsible for presenting the certificate to SIGRE's Chief Executive Officer, Juan Carlos Mampaso.