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Criminal Code Reform – Compliance

New risks in the field of Compliance


A few days after its entry into force, the reform of the Criminal Code, brought about by the need to transpose various European Union Directives, has introduced a modification incorporating new punishable offences and aggravated sentences.

This forces organisations to review the identification of criminal risks made within their Criminal Compliance Management Systems, since the reform in question affects several types of offences that could lead to criminal liability for the company and must therefore be assessed and prevented by the organisation.

Specifically, the following areas affecting criminal matters are regulated: Terrorism, Organ Trafficking, Money Counterfeiting, Corruption, Tax Fraud in the European Union and Market Abuse.

AENOR offers advanced and recognised solutions with the best practices in the area of Compliance. Among others, standard Anti-bribery Management System certificate ISO 37001, designed to help organisations establish, implement, maintain, review and improve an anti-bribery compliance scheme. The Standard ISO 37001 is applicable to all types of companies, of any size, activity, public, private or non-profit, and aims to help prevent the offence of bribery.

Similarly, certification of Corporate Criminal Compliance, according to the UNE 19601, which establishes best practices to prevent offences, reduce risk and promote an ethical business culture and compliance with the Law.