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First OCS certification

First OCS certification


Within the framework of the 74th General Assembly of the Spanish Association of Plastic Industries (ANAIP), AENOR has granted CONTENUR the first Operation Clean Sweep® certification, a worldwide voluntary initiative of the plastics industry to reduce pellet loss in the environment.

AENOR certifies the degree of compliance based on 5 main measures:

  • Making the «zero pellet loss» objective a priority.
  • Assessing the situation and needs of your company.
  • Making the necessary improvements to your facilities and equipment.
  • Creating awareness among staff and fostering a sense of responsibility.
  • Monitoring progress and enforcing the procedures.

The plastic sector's commitment is based on preventing pellets being released into the sea; preventing this from being a threat to the flora and fauna; and protecting the environment.

In Spain, ANAIP holds the OCS rights, so before obtaining the certificate, companies wishing to do so must join the programme through the association.

Rafael García Meiro, Chief Executive Officer of AENOR, has presented the acknowledgement to Íñigo Querejeta, Managing Director of CONTENUR.