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First award of Cénit Food Quality and Safety

First award of Cénit Food Quality and Safety


​AENOR and Hostelería Madrid have awarded the first Cénit Food Quality and Safety distinction to the company Medems Catering. 

Cénit is the first award for food quality and safety in Spain validated by AENOR and directed at establishments in the hospitality industry.

Establishments in the hospitality industry that wish to obtain the Cénit award should introduce the HACCP System (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), specific to the establishment. In addition, they must fulfil adequate conditions of infrastructure, good practices, cleanliness, processes, staff training, supplier and sampling control, among others. 

During the implementation process, they will be advised by a quality technician from the Hostelería Madrid association. Furthermore, AENOR will periodically take microbiological samples and carry out analysis, and, once the process has been finalised, undertake an audit.

Advantages of the Cénit award

  • Risk minimisation, which means greater peace of mind from the point of view of Food Safety.
  • Recognition and increase in client confidence.
  • Cost reduction: shorter production times, less energy use, better use of products, etc, all of which are translated into savings.
  • Positioning of the establishment at the forefront of legislative changes in the sector.
  • Institutional prestige.

In the image, from left to right: Patricia Estanheiro, Head of Quality at Hostelería Madrid; Pablo de Vicente, Director of AENOR Laboratory; Mar Fernández, Head of Quality at Medems Catering; Luis González-Mesones, Founding partner of Medems Catering, and Tomás Gutiérrez, President of Hostelería Madrid.