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International ISACA Award 2019 at AENOR

International ISACA Award 2019


Carlos Manuel Fernández, AENOR's IT Strategic Consultant, has received the international ISACA Award 2019 for his role in boosting and improving IT Governance and Management during his experience as an ISO and COBIT authority and teacher for over 40 years. The awards ceremony took place in California, United States.

ISACA® Internacional (Information System Audit and Control Association) is one of the most noteworthy ICT Control and Audit Associations worldwide with over 50 years of experience; it is headquartered in Madrid, and its goal is to contribute to the quality and excellence of the management of information systems and information and communications technology in Spain. He also plays an important role in training, dissemination and outreach activities.

Carlos Manuel Fernández was given this award in recognition for his professional track record and contribution, on behalf of AENOR, to improving the quality of ICT Services by implementing and certifying them under ISO Norms/Standards.

In the photograph, Rob Clyde, ISACA's President; Carlos Manuel Fernández, AENOR's IT Strategic Consultant; and David Samuelson, ISACA's CEO.