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Healthy School Model

Healthy School Model


AENOR, together with Nútrim and Cualtis, has developed the Healthy School Model, which lays down the requirements for developing a Healthy School Management System for educational centres that wish to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of their students and their environment, while striving for continuous improvement. In addition, the Model allows educational centres to establish a long-term strategy that will contribute to the health of future generations, thus benefiting society.

This model is based on the structure of continuous improvement, which includes the PDCA (Plan - Do - Check - Act) cycle, and it can be integrated into other Management Systems, such as the Quality Management System described in the standard ISO 9001.

Among other benefits, this Model helps to improve students' health and well-being, reduce risk factors associated with habits and behaviours, and integrate health and healthy habits into the educational sphere in a cross-disciplinary manner.

The Catalan educational centres Escola Virolai and Col.legi Badalonès have now received the AENOR Healthy School certificates, making them the first schools to receive this recognition. 

In the photograph from left to right, Coral Regí (Escola Virolai), Ángel Luis Sánchez (AENOR), Mª José Miranda (Escola Virolai), Pilar Contreras (Generalitat de Catalunya), Ani Dunjó (Col.legi Badalonés), Marta Prats (Nútrim) and Julio César Blanco (Cualtis).