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Quality transport

Quality metro


AENOR has awarded three certificates to the Granada Metro's Avanza Joint Venture; The company has successfully passed the audits conducted by AENOR, thereby achieving the certificates of Quality Management System, Environmental Management and Public Passenger Transport

By obtaining the Quality Management System certificate, the Granada Metro Joint Venture certifies that the company meets the requirements under the following standard: UNE-EN ISO 9001, helping to improve processes and reduce poor quality costs (PQCs), among other aspects. The ISO 14001, in turn, is the international standard for Environmental Management Systems, helping organisations to identify, prioritise and manage environmental risks as part of their normal business practices. It has been conceived to be applied in any organisation regardless of its size, sector or geographical location.

As for the certificate of Public Passenger Transport, according to the UNE-EN 13816 Standard, it gives operators guidelines for taking on quality commitments when rendering their services, in order to meet customer expectations. Quality commitments must comply with guidelines including: time, comfort, information, accessibility, safety, service offered, customer service and environmental impact. This provides a more competitive public transport offer in response to these demands.

In the photograph, from left to right, Ignacio Mochón, Manager of the Andalusian Public Works Branch in Granada; Antonio Jesús Granados García, Territorial Representative for Development, Infrastructures, Territorial Planning, Cultural and Historical Heritage in Granada; and Antonio Pérez Carreño, AENOR's Director in Andalusia.