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Certified FFP masks

More than 100 manufacturers of FFP masks certified


Since May 2020, AENOR has been briefed and active in the certification of masks and other equipment covered by European Regulation 2016/425 (EU). This has led to the certification of more than 100 companies according to Modules B and D of the EPI Regulation, which required the evaluation of more than 280 dossiers that have culminated in the issuance of the same number of EU Type Certificates to these companies. A complex process that, in a context such as the current one, has demanded both agility and rigour in the work performed, with a large amount of documentation to be evaluated in the process prior to certification.

Since the pandemic emerged, AENOR has helped to meet an urgent need for the population, facilitating the safe and large-scale marketing of masks on the European market. FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks that have certificates issued by AENOR, whose identification code is 0099, and which reach the market and users, are safe products which comply with the requirements of the aforementioned Regulation.

The AENOR hygienic face mask certification offers users, distributors and manufacturers a guarantee of confidence against the spread of the virus during the pandemic. The masks certified by AENOR have passed a series of compliance verification processes, which include all the fundamental aspects that range from materials to technical and production aspects.

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