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Galicia department stores receive Zero Waste certification

Galicia department stores receive Zero Waste certification


The El Corte Inglés Group has obtained certification from Zero Waste AENOR for all of its centres in Galicia, which comprise Santiago, Vigo, Ramón y Cajal and Marineda in A Coruña, and the Altamira and Porriño logistics platforms. As a result, El Corte Inglés has become the first Spanish distribution company to obtain this certification for its Galician shopping centres. Furthermore, it has achieved this for an entire region, including all its department stores and logistics platforms.

AENOR Zero Waste certification proves that El Corte Inglés reprocesses all of its waste fractions in order to prevent them from being taken to landfill. This certification helps organisations optimise processes by focusing on waste production sites, and also supports the circular economy by enabling companies to pre-empt legal provisions. El Corte Inglés' business in Galicia generates 42 different waste fractions, which are correctly separated so that at least 90% of the products and/or materials can be reprocessed (through reuse, recycling or energy recovery). This waste is generated both by the business itself and customer households (the Galician centres receive more than 20.5 million visitors per year).

The Galicia project is one more step within the Group's environment strategy, with Zero Waste being one of its goals.

On the left-hand side of the photo is Javier Esteban, El Corte Inglés' Regional Manager for Galicia-Asturias, and Martín Pita, AENOR's Manager for the Atlantic Region.