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Meeting on Digital marks for construction products - Smart EC

Meeting on Digital marks for construction products - Smart EC


On 2nd October there will be an informative meeting on the CE mark for construction products, organised by the Spanish Institute for Cement and its Applications (IECA). Special emphasis will be placed on advances related to digitisation in the construction industry. These make it necessary to have a digital format that optimises the transfer of information from the Declaration of performance throughout the value chain, from the manufacturer to the building itself.

During the meeting you will be able to discover what CE Smart marking consists of, how the CE Mark Standard may be accessed via new devices, telephones, tablets, and its advantages.

A round table comprising the main experts from the sector will enliven the meeting and explain any doubts relating to this issue.

Aimed at construction product manufacturers, control and notified bodies of the public administration, consultants and project planners, among other people.

AENOR is notified by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, and is accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) for the certification of CE Marking for construction products.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd October at Fundación Gómez Pardo, Calle Alenza 1, Madrid.