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ISO 22000 is now available in Spanish

ISO 22000 is now available in Spanish


The new ISO 22000 Food safety management systems. standard on Food safety management systems is now available in Spanish. This standard sets out the requirements specifying an organisation's ability to control the risks associated with the production of foodstuffs, animal feed, products or services directly involved in the food supply chain, to ensure they are safe for the final consumer. The standard can be implemented in any company in the sector, regardless of its size, activity or position.

Before reaching the final consumer, food products pass through supply chains that involve different types of organisations. The significant increase in diseases transmitted by spoilt food or the existence of any weak point in the supply chain, which can lead to unsafe food, poses a very serious risk to consumers and considerable economic costs for organisations and the Public Administration.

The AENOR certification on The Food Safety in accordance with the ISO 22000 standard sets out a series of specific objectives: 

  • Improve food safety.
  • Promote cooperation between all the parties involved in the food chain, national governments and multi-national organisations.
  • Ensure consumer protection and strengthen consumer confidence.
  • To establish reference requirements or “key elements” for food safety management systems.
  • Improve cost performance throughout the food supply chain.

The subsectors of the food supply chain that endorse this certification range from food production, packaging, ingredients and processing aids, to the food service industry (hotels, restaurants and catering) and industrial catering in hospitals.

Currently, AENOR has over 245 official certifications helping organisations to generate confidence in the food supply chain. 

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​ISO 22000 standard on food safety management systems.