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Humanisation by agreement


AENOR and Project HU-CI have signed an agreement whereby the certification body will verify the good humanisation practices of Intensive Care Units (ICUs). The aim of Project HU-CI is to change the management model in healthcare and humanise intensive care for patients, relatives and staff.

To obtain this certification, ICUs must successfully pass the external audits carried out by AENOR in accordance with the good practices handbook for Project HU-CI, which entails 159 specific measures.

Among other requirements, ICUs must improve communication with the patient, relatives and among healthcare workers; look after staff, creating awareness about professional burnout and other associated factors, and fostering their well-being; or have a humanised infrastructure, guaranteeing aspects such as privacy, orientation or comfort of patients, relatives and staff.

ICUs complying with these best practices and passing the AENOR external verification, will receive the corresponding acknowledgement. Over 200 hospital ICUs, both in Spain and in other countries around the world, have undertaken the self-assessment to comply with best practices as an initial step in the certification process.

Pictured on the left Gabriel Heras, Director of Project HU-CI, alongside Nicolás Henríquez, Sales Director of AENOR.