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Torrejón University Hospital

Torrejón University Hospital verified with the IHHI


AENOR has granted certification of Children's Hospitals Humanisation Index (IHHI) certificate to the Torrejón University Hospital, which ranks it among the country's three highest rated centres, together with the Hospital de Hellín (Albacete) and Hospital La Moraleja (Madrid) in the category of small centres. IHHI is an evaluation tool for measuring the degree of humanisation of hospital care for paediatric patients, which analyses this aspect by dividing the centres into three categories according to the number of beds: large, medium and small.

The process of obtaining IHHI certification involves assessing aspects divided into six blocks: general information, Emergency service, Outpatient service, admissions, other services and specialised Intervention Units. Each of these blocks is in turn divided into different sections, depending on their peculiarities: training, triage, intimacy, pharmacy, operating rooms, etc.

At the end of November 2020, the IHHI results were presented for a total of 120 public, private and mixed-management hospitals. The report shows that the Humanisation Index for Children's Hospitals in Spain has an average value of 60.64% for large hospitals, 55.76% for medium-sized hospitals and 48.28% for small hospitals. In the small hospital category, particularly noteworthy are the areas of Consultations and Specialised Intervention Units with a score above 90%.

Furthermore, the IHHI Report has widely detected opportunities for improvement in aspects such as increasing Humanisation training for healthcare professionals; continuing with psychological care programmes for hospitalised children and adolescents; and continuously promoting the Specific Units for Adolescents; the Pain Units and Palliative Care Units, areas where the Torrejón University Hospital works permanently.

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