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Hospital Universitario de La Paz

The Hospital Universitario La Paz is IHHI certified


AENOR has granted certification of Children's Hospitals Humanisation Index (IHHI) certificate to the Hospital Universitario de La Paz, which ranks it among the most prominent centres in this second edition, which had a total of 120 hospitals. IHHI is an evaluation tool for measuring the degree of humanisation of hospital care for paediatric patients, which analyses this aspect by dividing the centres into three categories according to the number of beds: large, medium and small.

Promoted by the ATRESMEDIA Foundation, the IHHI assesses the management of the centres through a model designed by more than 50 healthcare experts and institutions representing different professional and patient groups. Today, the hospital was awarded the AENOR IHHI mark by the AENOR Director for the Central Region and EMEA, Gonzalo Piédrola, in a semi-face-to-face event that was also attended by Dr. Rafael Pérez-Santamarina, Managing Director of the Hospital; Esther Rey, Director of Nursing; Javier Cobas, deputy managing director and Susana Noval, deputy medical director of the Children's Hospital.

The Hospital Universitario La Paz has a long-standing tradition of humanitarian-based actions and has been working for years on activities that go beyond the purely healthcare level, creating more comfortable, friendly and welcoming rooms for the patient and their families. In spite of the pandemic, the hospital has been able to adapt in order to continue providing care with humanisation criteria.

The score achieved by the Hospital Universitario La Paz (75.81%) was obtained after assessing aspects divided into six blocks: general information, emergencies, consultations, admission, other services and specialised intervention units. Each of these blocks is in turn divided into different sections, depending on their peculiarities: training, triage, intimacy, pharmacy, operating rooms, etc.

The report shows that the Humanisation Index for Children's Hospitals in Spain has an average value of 60.64% for large hospitals, 55.76% for medium-sized hospitals and 48.28% for small hospitals.

Índice de Humanización de Hospitales Infantiles

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