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GSK receives the COVID-19 Protocol mark


AENOR has granted certification of COVID-19 Protocols to GSK, making it the first pharmaceutical company in Spain to obtain this recognition.

These protocols have been implemented in its headquarters and at its R&D centre in Tres Cantos (Madrid), and have also been implemented for employees who interact with customers. Around 1,200 employees can thus carry out their daily activities, knowing that the plans developed by the company to make GSK a safe place to work are endorsed by this seal.

The AENOR certification for "COVID-19 protocols" is an external endorsement to support the effectiveness of safety measures implemented by the company and that it also complies with the guidelines established by the Ministry of Health on matters of COVID-19 prevention and hygiene. Once the mark has been granted it is valid for a year, but must be monitored every three months.

Specifically, GSK has launched a complete set of preventive health and safety measures for its employees, most notably: improvements to ventilation systems; the implementation of preventive and corrective cleaning and disinfection protocols; the daily completion of a health survey through an app; daily temperature checks before entering the centre; training and information for employees and collaborators; access control to the work centre and common areas; social distancing; waste management; individual protective measures for employees and a robust plan to monitor and control the health of employees and collaborators, including PCR tests, to which end the Health Department of the Community of Madrid has authorised the company to use one of the laboratories in its R&D centre. This means that, right from the onset of the health crisis, GSK implemented multiple initiatives with one fundamental goal: to keep providing a safe work environment to its employees.

Statements from Cristina Henríquez de Luna, president and CEO of GSK Spain, and AENOR's CEO, Rafael García Meiro, in the attached press release.

Press Release​​​​