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Obtains Criminal and Anti-bribery Compliance Certificate

Grupo Antolin obtains Criminal and Anti-bribery Compliance Certificate


AENOR has awarded Grupo Antolin certificates for Corporate Criminal Compliance, according to the UNE 19601, and Anti-bribery Management System certificate, according to the UNE-ISO 37001. This is the first Spanish multinational in the automotive industry to obtain these certificates.

The Telefónica España's Criminal Compliance Management System, according to the UNE 19601, contributes to generating trust in target groups, such as clients, shareholders and public administrations, helping to consolidate an organisation's reputation. Implementing this certification will enable companies to securely manage the organisation, establishing a culture of integrity, transparency, honesty and strict fulfillment of all the corresponding regulations.

Furthermore, the international standard UNE-ISO 37001 specifies the requirements and provides a guide to establish, implement, maintain, revise and improve a Anti-bribery Management system within an organization. It includes best practice in accordance with international standards and also serves as a tool for good governance and due diligence in organizations to prevent bribery. Among other requirements, it is required that procedures be established for the prevention of activities that give rise to crimes, both internally and with the business partners and affiliate companies.

Grupo Antolin seeks to create a culture of transparency, ethical behaviour and compliance that safeguards the interests of all stakeholders.

In the photograph, from left to right: José Luis Moreno, head of large AENOR accounts; José Manuel Garcelán, Director of Compliance at Grupo Antolin; Manuel Romero, AENOR's Director of Market Research and Oversight; Carlos Moreno, Director of Integrated Systems at Grupo Antolin; Gerson Pérez, Compliance Officer at Grupo Antolin, and Jesús Robles, of the Quality Systems Department at Grupo Antolin.