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Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, and Margarita Alfonsel, Fenin's secretary general

Fenin awarded Criminal Compliance and Anti-Bribery certificates.


AENOR has certified the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies, Fenin Corporate Criminal Compliance, according to the UNE 19601 and the certificate of Anti-bribery Management System certificate, according to the UNE-ISO 37001, the international standards for organisations that seek to implement an effective organisational and management model that reduces the risk of committing criminal offences and avoid practices of bribery.

AENOR's CEO, Rafael García Meiro, has delivered both certificates to Margarita Alfonse, Fenin's secretary general. These demonstrate the professional entity's commitment to good governance and transparency, by complying with and monitoring the requirements established in current legislation and in accordance with the highest quality standards. With these new certifications, Fenin is taking a new step in improving the Federation's governance and in establishing an additional guarantee of legal compliance and crime prevention within the organisation.

The recognition of Corporate Criminal Compliance certifies that Fenin complies with the standard and guarantees safety and confidence in the organisation's management before the public authorities, customers, people and families and other groups of interest, helping to strengthen its reputation. Implementing this certification will enable companies to securely manage the organisation, establishing a culture of integrity, transparency, honesty and strict fulfillment of all the corresponding regulations.

On the other hand, the Anti-bribery Management certification specifies the requirements and provides guidelines to establish, implement, maintain, review, and improve a system for anti-bribery management within an organization. It includes best practice in accordance with international standards and also serves as a tool for good governance and due diligence in organizations to prevent bribery. Among other requirements, it is required that procedures be established for the prevention of activities that give rise to crimes, both internally and with the business partners and affiliate companies.

In the photo, Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, and Margarita Alfonsel, General Secretary at Fenin