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Project in Guatemala

Successful project in Guatemala to reduce environmental impact


AENOR has successfully completed the validation and initial verification of the project "The Tuik Ruch Lew (TRL) Improved Cookstove (ICS) Project for Lake Atitlán" in Guatemala, promoted by the international organisation Tuik Ruch Lew/Helping the Earth (TRL).

This is the first project in the energy sector, worldwide, which integrates the VERRA, VCS (Voluntary programme for the certification of Reduction of GHG emissions) and SDVISta (voluntary programme to assess the contribution of emission reduction projects to the Sustainable Development Goals).

The project developed in the Sololá Department of Guatemala is notable for its great social and environmental impact. Efficient kitchens with very low wood consumption have been distributed, avoiding the use of traditional open fires with unsustainable wood consumption and which generate extensive deforestation and health problems.