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"Beyond lighting" event


The Transforming Lighting 2022 trade show, organized by ANFALUM (Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers), will take place on 1 December, under the theme "Beyond lighting". AENOR, the driving force behind the event, will participate through the presentation by AENOR's Marketing and Business Development Director, Javier Mejía, who will discuss the company's activity in industrial processes and construction with regard to sustainability. He will also share the main ideas behind the new The Green Building Certification and how it contributes to creating a social impact or benefits based on sustainability criteria.

The new strategic approach of the lighting sector, which will revolve around facing the future with new technologies, will be presented at this meeting. Sustainability, digitization and data are new applications on the scene, and they are being applied to lighting in the field of health and well-being, where they make up "Human-Centric Lighting". 

Dialogues beyond lighting: Javier Mejía (Aenor)