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Martín Pita, Director of AENOR in the Atlantic Region; Juan Lucas García, Director of AENOR in Asturias

Euskaltel certified against COVID-19


AENOR ha concedido el certificado de Protocolo frente al COVID-19 to Euskaltel. Specifically, the Euskaltel offices in Derio, the offices of R in A Coruña and Telecable in Gijón have been certified. AENOR certifica así la efectividad de las medidas frente al COVID-19 llevadas a cabo por Euskaltel en favor de la seguridad y la salud para sus empleados y colaboradores en las tres sedes.

As part of the certification process, AENOR assessed a wide range of aspects, including risk management and occupational health and safety; the training, information and communication actions carried out; the organisational and protective measures put in place (control of capacity and soial distancing), use of PPE, etc., as well as good cleaning and hygiene practices.

With the premise of safeguarding the health and safety of all people, Euskaltel, Telecable and R have established protocols, when the face-face activity has been necessary, ranging from the establishment of access to buildings only by certain doors and the staggered admittance linked to time slots, including the definition and implementation of measures to prevent contagion by aerosols, to the signage indicating the compulsory use of face masks, social distancing, hand washing and the use of disinfectant gel.

Other measures have also been introduced, such as those relating to security for receiving and attending external visits, promoting remote meetings in order to avoid a concentration of people in closed spaces, and limiting strictly essential trips and travel.

In the photograph, the award made in Derio, with José Miguel García, CEO of the Euskaltel Group and Luz Emparanza, AENOR's Director in the Basque Country.

In Galicia, Martín Pita, AENOR's Director in the Atlantic Region, presented the certificate to Isidro Fernández de la Calle, Director of the Euskaltel Group. Juan Lucas García, Director of AENOR in Asturias, handed the certificate to María Adaro, Communications and Marketing Manager at Telecable.

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