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Spain in the global top ten for ISO certifications

Spain in the global top ten for ISO certifications


Spain back in world top ten, according to the ISO Survey of Certifications for 2017.

This report is the global benchmark for management system certification according to ISO international standards and is published annually with updated data for all countries. The certificates analysed range from the more traditional quality management or environmental management certificates to the more innovative ones, like information security, IT service quality, business continuity management and road safety, among others.

Spanish companies rank in the top ten for the main certifications:  

Spain is the seventh country in the world, with almost 32,000 certificates according to ISO 9001 on Quality Management.

In terms of ISO 14001 on Environmental Management , Spanish companies are fifth of the world, with over 13,000 certificates. 

ISO 50001 on Energy Management: Spain is the eighth country in the world in terms of ISO 50001 certificates, with 568 quality marks issued. There are 22,900 certified organisations in the world.

And as for ISO 27001 on Information Security , Spain is the tenth country in the world by number of certificates, with over 800 issued.

Quality of Information Technology Services (IT) ISO 20000: Spain is the sixth country in the world by number of ISO 20000 certificates, with almost 200 issued.

The Food Safety ISO 22000. Tenth position, with almost 600 certificates.

Road Safety ISO 39001. Spain, fifth country in the world. 

Business Continuity ISO 22301. Ninth country in the world.

According to this report, there are more than 1.5 million certified organisations in the world, proving that companies and institutions see certification as an effective tool for improving their competitiveness, one which contributes to building trust.