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ENCE Zero Waste Cert

AENOR certifies Ence Pontevedra as a Zero Waste business


Ence biomass power plant in Pontevedra receives environmental certificate "Zero Waste" issued by AENOR to organisations with efficient waste management systems in place and which are capable of reprocessing this waste.

The AENOR Zero Waste certification accredits that Ence reprocesses all its waste fractions and is committed to sending zero waste to landfill. In this way it reaffirms its support for the circular economy model, demonstrating its firm commitment to sustainability and the protection of the environment. This commitment has also been recognised internationally, with the awarding of the EU Gold Medal and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the official ecolabel of the Scandinavian governments.

This certificate recognises the company's commitment to the circular economy model, promoting proper waste management through the responsible, efficient and sustainable use of resources. Throughout the entire cellulose production process, the plant produces and operates with recyclable materials.

It also generates renewable electrical energy from biomass not used for cellulose production, with lignin, a wood component used to produce excellent natural, renewable boifuel.

Thus, the over 5,000 jobs linked to Ence Pontevedra also contribute to reducing energy intensity and the carbon footprint, and embrace the lean energy transition towards the EU goal of decarbonisation. 

In the image, from left to right: Paulo Gaia, Director of the Ence Pontevedra Biomass Plant; Carlos Casas, Head of Quality and Environment at Ence Pontevedra; José Enrique Rodríguez Coello, Head of Business Development at AENOR; Rebeca Fernández Pérez, Head of Operations and Technology at AENOR.