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Nicolás Henríquez, Octavio Ramírez, Rafael Garcia Meiro, Antonio Valldecabres, Ignacio Martí.

Santander confirms its trust in AENOR


Santander España has renewed its certificate of Corporate Banking Consulting for its network of corporate branches in Spain. This is a certificate that accredits Santander Spain's excellence in business banking and also meets the AENOR technical specification requirements regarding corporate financial advisory services.

The certification process entailed identifying the "how", meaning how the entity is managing the advisory services it renders in business banking. This is a fundamental part of improving and systematizing the organization's business models. To do this, it certification establishes four key lines in order to achieve its objectives: emphasis on leadership in the area of quality; credibility of the message issued by senior management; building trust and responsibility for the quality initiative among employees and, lastly, providing excellence of service.

Similarly, it addresses two very important areas in this field, which are risk management and the ethical principles that must be taken into account to provide a service that can be deemed excellent.

With this recognition, Santander confirms its trust in AENOR and consolidates its leadership as the leading bank for Spanish businesses and entrepreneurs; it also advances in its mission to contribute to the progress of people and companies as a Straightforward, Personable and Fair bank.

Further information and statements from Ángel Rivera, director of commercial banking at Santander Spain, and Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, in the press release attached. 

Pictured, from right to left, Nicolás Henriquez, Director of Sales at AENOR; Ángel Rivera, Director of Commercial Banking; Octavio Ramírez, Director of Business on the Corporate Banking Channel; Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR; Antonio Valldecabres, Distribution Manager; and Ignacio Martí, Director of Customer Experience and Quality.

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